Using CFD to Analyze Clean Rooms, Operating Rooms and Aseptic Filling Processes
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eliminating environmental or other airborne contaminants within medical, biological research and production facilities is critical to the success of their mission. The use of CFD allows for a non-intrusive way of determining air conditions of a room without concern for operator safety potentially disturbing a measurement.

In this webcast we demonstrate how CFD is used for analysis and optimization in several environments: be it determining ventilation rates in an operating room, playing a critical role in minimizing the rate of infection from airborne bacteria and viruses; or a study of a pharmaceutical clean-room environment in which there has been an accidental introduction of an aerosolized contaminant. With CFD, the concentration and distribution of a contaminant can be determined throughout a manufacturing space, operating room or clean room, for a wide range of conditions and on various scales.

Numerical simulations are helping to drive healthcare ventilation codes.

A live demonstration of STAR-CCM+® will show how the simulation results enable visualization of variables like temperature and velocity distributions and help assess the effects of environmental changes on air flow.

Kristian Debus
Philippe Vincent (Creaform)
Franz Magerl (Amberg-Weiden Technical University)
Nibras Alsuhairi
Speaker Company: 
Amberg-Weiden Technical University