Predicting the Real-World Performance of Your Products with Multiphase Simulation
Thursday, February 18, 2016

Applications involving multiphase flows are all around us. The simulation of these applications requires a broad range of Eulerian and Lagrangian multiphase modeling capabilities that can work together and ensure that the predicted behavior of your designs matches the real-world performance of your products.

This event covers a wide variety of applications that can be solved with multiphase simulations delivered from a single integrated user interface. Examples include the build-up of ice on an aircraft wing, the demisting of a headlamp, the transport of rocks/aggregates, dropping a lifeboat into the sea or the spray painting of a car. Additional modeling capabilities such as the mesh motion models to facilitate simulating real-world applications will be discussed.

This webcast provides attendees with an introduction to multiphase modeling, the background and applicability of each method, as well as some practical examples that illustrate what can be achieved.

David Mann
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