Multi Domain Simulation Methods for Batteries & Electric Machines within Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Models
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The proliferation of hybrid systems into the world of ground transportation continues at a pace that even the world of Formula 1 is not immune to with this season’s premier category of racing including significant rule changes to include hybrid drivetrains. With so much change to the accepted architecture of powertrains across all forms of transport, engineers are looking to simulation methods to provide rapid answers to their design challenges.

It could be argued that such a rethink is a perfect opportunity for simulation engineering to further mature as a key design tool. Indeed, as the role of simulation becomes more pervasive, so too does the scope of the questions it needs to answer, from component optimization, through subsystem design, to an overall system design. As components and systems become ever more optimized, simulation needs to capture all the coupled physics within a system, for instance flow, thermal & electrochemistry in the case of batteries. It’s never a “one size fits all” solution, as one can imagine, but the opportunity is to easily move model information to different length scales depending on the questions posed without duplicating work.

This webinar will highlight the many ways in which CD-adapco™ technology can be used to explore hybrid powertrain technology, particularly lithium-ion batteries and electric machines, and how these methods can enable different system simulations, either natively or through connections with other simulation products.

The webinar will appeal to component and subsystem designers and analysts as well as engineering managers and decision makers wanting to understand what is possible with class leading simulation tools. Attendees will also learn how separate simulation domains can be combined to add further realism to results.


  • Welcome and objectives for the hour
  • Key concepts and overall solution architecture
  • Electric machine simulation strategies
  • Battery simulation strategies
  • Conclusions and Q&A
Steve Hartridge
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