Modeling Complex Motions and Simulating Reality with Overset Mesh
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Modeling of fluid flow around moving objects is relatively commonplace, so long as the motion involves a single body moving in an easily prescribed manner. However, as engineers increasingly demand greater simulation realism an effective approach to modeling multiple interacting bodies with arbitrary motion is required. This presents a major challenge for CFD engineers restricted to software that used more traditional and computationally expensive dynamic mesh approaches.

Overset Mesh technology avoids the limitations of dynamic mesh, enabling the study of real-world moving body simulation. Whether you are modeling sophisticated motions or performing parametric studies, the Overset Mesh technology provides an easy to use approach allowing you to increase simulation realism, reduce wall clock time, and ultimately helps you discover better designs, faster.

This webcast provides an overview of the Overset Mesh process and will cover various applications that can benefit from this approach. The presenter discusses the workflow and demonstrates practical examples illustrating the usage of this powerful technology.


Peter Mendoza
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