Measuring the Value and Cost of Data Analysis
Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Some are, some aren’t — but why? When it comes to presenting simulation results, it is not an easy question to answer or anticipate. While we are fully engaged in projects, we learn a lot about the devices and processes we are modeling.

With excessive amounts of data being generated in the face of fast-approaching deadlines and our target audiences needing to form their own thousand-word narratives, it is easy to lose sight of our primary objective: delivering something in an efficient and effective way that enables others to see problems immediately and understand the choice of resolution.

The challenges of managing our data include:

  • Effective communication of our simulation efforts to colleagues and partners
  • Confidence gained through quantitative and qualitative interrogation of accumulated data, leading to better decisions and stronger conclusions
  • Productive management of the ever-increasing volumes of data we generate every day

This webcast focusses on how to create effective data analyses before, during and after your simulation runs for all applications. We will review the utility of our Derived Parts and how they are used in quantitative reporting and plotting. We cover the effective use of color and lighting to generate high impact, effective scientific visualizations. Along the way, we demonstrate drag ‘n’ drop methods to quickly create and modify content within your scenes. Register now to reserve your place and learn how to meet and overcome today’s challenges in data analysis.

Matthew Godo
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