Increase Productivity by Closing the Gap Between CAD and Analysis with Automated Workflows
Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dealing with the consequences of imperfect CAD has long been one of the biggest bottlenecks in CFD. Furthermore, reducing the costly process of manual CAD clean-up ensures an engineer's valuable time is instead spent gaining insight into product behavior and performance.

This webcast demonstrates how to:

  • Use a fully parametric 3D-feature based modeler to easily create and modify your own geometries
  • Use automatic bi-directional geometry updates between CAD and simulations during the optimization process to facilitate Multidisciplinary Design Exploration (MDX)
  • Eliminate manual repair from the CFD process altogether by automatically sealing gaps and removing slivers through surface wrapping
  • Take your complex geometry directly from CAD to mesh using high productivity and automated workflows

This is tailored specifically to users interested in significantly increasing his or her engineering productivity through a consistent, repeatable and easily automated workflow for taking CAD directly to mesh.

Included in this webcast is a live demonstration to walk users through the entire CAD to mesh workflow, highlighting the benefits of automation.


James Clement

James Clement
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