How Simulation is Impacting Respiratory Systems within Life Sciences
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The simulation of respiratory systems is a growing field within the life sciences industry, with applications ranging from inhaler design optimization to the modeling of particle deposition into lungs and assessing the efficacy of inhaled medications.

In this webcast discusses and demonstrates how leading simulation software can be used to prototype device designs, eliminating the need for time-consuming clinical tests. Topics include the modeling of the device, in silico modeling of nasal passages and respiratory tracts, diagnostics and even virtual surgeries to aid the decision-making process.

Simulations provide a means of gaining valuable insight into delicate, often inaccessible areas, allowing the use of patient specific data.

A live demonstration shows an example of a lung model and how patient specific data is imported, modeled and analyzed.

Kristian Debus
Alister Bates
Shahab Taherian
John Vincent
Speaker Company: 
Imperial College