Expanding the Boundaries of Multidisciplinary Analysis with Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
Thursday, September 17, 2015

From the bending of a tree branch in the wind to the flexing of an aircraft wing as it crosses the Atlantic, fluids and solids interact in harmony everywhere in the real world. However, in the virtual world of engineering simulation, the picture has rarely been in concert. Structural analysis and fluid dynamics, although intrinsically linked, have long been quite separate disciplines with the interaction between deforming structures and flowing fluids usually being considered at a most basic level.

The picture is changing, however, as innovative simulation tools are providing a better understanding of the interactions between fluids and solids helping engineers create better designs, faster.

This webcast demonstrates how simulation within a single integrated user interface can be used to perform FSI analysis using a range of techniques, including the groundbreaking new finite element solver.

Joel Davison
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