Discover better designs, faster, and extract higher value from your simulation process with Design Manager
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Globalizationstandardization, environmental and product customization are some examples of the new challenges industry is facing. Organizations need to design innovative products faster and at lower costs. Design exploration has often been relegated to the corners of the design process due to lack of time, know-how and appropriate processes or solutions. However, engineers need to explore the design space early to discover innovative product designs, reduce development time, risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations.

Design Manager aims to overcome these challenges and make design exploration easy to implement within your design process. It provides streamlined, robust and automated processes required to perform design sweeps. If you want to expand to optimization, Design Manager will assist you with smart exploration methods which will automatically search the design space while taking into consideration project constraints, objectives and time frames.

Powerful postprocessing capabilities will empower engineers to easily navigate the results and quickly extract insights. Design Manager will enable you and your design team to step closer to the digital twin, not only by making performance prediction a snap but also by squeezing better designs out of the design space to keep your products best in class. With Design Manager, let engineers do the engineering.

This On-Demand Webinar showcases the core capabilities and benefits of Design Manager and gives you the confidence to explore early and often.


  • Bahaa Haddoukessouni: Product Manager - STAR-CCM+
  • Aaron Godfrey: Technical Specialist - Design Exploration
Bahaa Haddoukessouni
Aaron Godfrey
Speaker Company: 
Siemens PLM Software