CFD Powered by HPC: Real World Solutions in Real Time
Thursday, October 29, 2015

As computing power continues to grow exponentially and becomes increasingly affordable, real-world simulation using larger and more accurate models is well within the reach of engineers. High Performance Computing (HPC), combined with innovative licensing models, opens up new opportunities.

Through the use of simulation-aided HPC, small and large businesses and organizations can significantly accelerate the pace of their product design cycles and boost innovation.

This webcast will discuss and demonstrate how highly scalable simulations on HPC platforms can help push the boundaries of your simulations. We highlight the cost benefits, whether you are interested in solving large-scale multidisciplinary engineering problems or want to maximize your CFD analysis throughput during simulation-led design.

Topics include:

  • Parallel strategies for real world problems
  • Extreme scalability and what it means for you
  • Parallel benchmarking and performance
  • Cost effective HPC licensing for high fidelity simulations and design exploration
  • Hardware rules of thumb to maximize the value of your computing resources
  • Future trends in end-to-end simulation scalability and HPC

Whether you are experienced or new to CFD, if you are keen to learn more about HPC and scalable simulations and wish to understand how they can work together, then this recording is for you.


Guest Speaker:

Blake Gonzales, HPC Computer Scientist, Dell

As a Dell HPC Computer Scientist, Mr. Gonzales brings a valued end-user perspective to the Dell HPC Team. Within this event, Mr. Gonzales will cover hardware rules of thumb to maximize the value of your computing resources.

Keith Foston
Blake Gonzales
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