Cell Can to Battery Module: Boost HEV Battery Performance Through Simulation
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This two-part webcast will show attendees how to improve the specifications of a commercially available cell and simulate the performance of an HEV battery module using Battery Design Studio® and STAR-CCM+/Battery Simulation Module™ software. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this webcast will help demonstrate how you can derive real benefits.

Within the webcast, the characterization process is explained to highlight and explore the key parameters necessary for the cell performance model. Presenters examine how technology like Battery Design Studio can quickly and accurately adjust cell design with regard to enhancing performance.

For the second part of the webcast, utilizing STAR-CCM+/Battery Simulation Module software, the enhanced cell will be used to virtually generate a module of an HEV battery pack to simulate its thermal signature under a standard drive cycle.

Different module configurations will be studied to ensure the most uniform temperature distribution is achieved across the module.

Gaetan Damblanc
Robert Spotnitz
Speaker Company: 
Battery Design LLC