Analysis-Led Design in Subsea Engineering
Thursday, May 21, 2015

This webcast illustrates the effectiveness of analysis-led design methods in the up-front engineering phase. Presenters discuss the use of sophisticated modeling and simulation techniques for the verification of design concepts. These methods have become essential as production operators and service providers operate and design subsea equipment for High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) wells, and for field equipment that may reach seawater depths approaching 10,000 feet.

In addition, presenters discuss incorporating the use of modeling and simulation software to ensure during the design phase that hydrocarbons easily flow within subsea pipeline and equipment, thus preventing the formation of hydrates, waxes, and asphaltenes. Viewers also learn how the use of modeling and simulation software can positively impact reliability issues, such as metal fatigue.

Optimization of designs using simulation prior to validation will also be covered in this webinar, reassuring design engineers that the best design goes into testing, functional and performance requirements are met, and that maximum cost savings can be realized.

Alex Read
Dr. Egidio (Ed) Marotta
Alex Graham
Speaker Company: 
GE Oil & Gas