Accelerating Electronics Cooling Simulations with Automation
Thursday, April 16, 2015

No CFD simulation is ever fast enough - anyone who has used CFD likely will agree with that. Most of the time the computing speed comes to mind when you state this, but the overall CAD-to-results time is actually a better measure.

This webcast explores the use of automation tools to accelerate user interactive tasks when running electronics cooling simulations. Various methods of automating portions or all of your simulations are discussed, including templates and macros. Several examples to aid problem setup and results viewing is shown and advanced uses of these tools is introduced.

The CAD-to-results time consists of all the aspects that require user interactive involvement as well as the time the computer spends calculating, and the highest hourly cost often is the user interaction. This webcast demonstrates that speeding up the user interaction is the most cost-efficient focus.

Ruben Bons
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