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Computational Dynamics Limited (“CD”) located in the United Kingdom, and Analysis & Design Application Co. Ltd. (“adapco”) located in the United States, and their subsidiaries trade collectively under the name “CD-adapco”. CD-adapco trademarks its name, logo, and product names. Authors and any other third parties who refer to a CD-adapco product must use the registered mark or trademark symbol with the first usage.

Please review the CD-adapco Trademark Usage Guidelines. These guidelines explain how to correctly reference our company and products, they also explain the proper use of our valuable trademarks and service marks, individually “CD-adapco Trademark” and collectively as “CD-adapco Trademarks”. Given the nature of our business, intellectual property is our most important asset and we aggressively protect it. These Trademark Usage Guidelines apply to CD-adapco personnel as well as to third parties including, without limitation, our customers, writers and publishers.

The CD-adapco Trademarks List posts CD-adapco registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. For guidance on how to properly use CD-adapco Trademarks, see the CD-adapco Trademark Usage Guidelines.

Referential Use Only

Third parties may use CD-adapco Trademarks (word marks only, not logos) solely to reference CD-adapco name and its products, technologies, and services. Referential use is prohibited if such use would defame or disparage CD-adapco, its products or services, or any other person or entity.

Suspected Infringement

If you suspect that the CD-adapco Trademarks or trade dress are being infringed, contact the CD-adapco Legal Department at Include the word “Infringement” in the subject line