A numerical investigation of thermal conditions and deformations of the Astronomical Roentgen Telescope

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Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012

The main purpose of an ART-XC telescope with X-ray optical system (Astronomical Roentgen Telescope - X-ray Concentrator) is to search space under a hard X-ray range to solve scientific problems within limits of “Spectrum-RG” experiment.

One of the major requirements for the telescope is to ensure minimal thermal deformation of the construction from solar radiation and heating effect of spacecrafts in orbital flight. Therefore, a detailed computer simulation of temperature conditions and thermal deformation of telescope parts in outer space is carried out at the stage of development.

The results of these investigations will be presented. The computational analysis was performed in Sarov Engineering Center on the basis of the licensed software STAR-CCM+ and Abaqus. Detailed computer models of high dimensionality were modeled taking into account all design features and telescope systems.

Author Company: 
Sarov Engineering Center
Author Name: 
Alexander A. Ryabov
Victor D. Spirin
S.Y. Gulakov
S.G. Garanin
S.V. Grigorovich
M.N. Pavlinskyi
N.P. Semena