Multidisciplinary Design Exploration in Ground Vehicle Design

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One of the key goals of STAR-CCM+® focuses on Multidisciplinary Design eXploration (MDX) to help accelerate the design decision process, and allows engineers to drive their simulations through a complete range of operating scenarios. This has been one of the important visions of STAR-CCM+ for virtual vehicle design in ground transportation sector. CD-adapco™ has been working at achieving full integration of a simulation management system into a PLM environment that eases the challenge for CAE experts to run simulations. By designing the digital prototype, this allows engineers to simulate the vehicle in real world test conditions. The model is used to predict thermal temperature of components and cabin comfort during drive cycles via Virtual Vehicle Testing.

This presentation takes a look at different levels of simulation being done today to help the virtual product design as well as some of the key technology enablers. Example applications will be looked at from the vehicle design to powertrain improvements. These examples show how STAR-CCM+ can be key enabler for improving the design of tomorrows vehicles.

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Frederick J. Ross