A means of avoiding sulfur recovery reaction furnace fired tube boiler failures

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One of the common causes of premature tube
failure in fired tube boilers - technically described as
film boiling - is overheating of the tubes caused by
steam blanketing. Current literature contains a
significant amount of information on this problem, but
not much in the way of definitive guidance for avoiding
the problem. General “rules of thumb” are available for
identifying the heat flux limit required to avoid the
problem as in Martens et al . Unfortunately, the
values presented by different sources are often in
This paper will look at a sulfur recovery unit
(SRU) Claus waste heat boiler application and, through
the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),
develop a means of predicting the conditions that lead
to steam blanketing and resultant tube failure. Local
heat flux conditions at gas side discontinuities (such as
the tube inlet ceramic ferrule terminations) combined
with associated local water side steam entrainment, and
steam generation with coupled velocity effects are

Author Company: 
Dynamic Analysis,Porter McGuffie, Inc,Motiva Enterprises LLC Convent
Author Name: 
Mike Porter
Dennis Martens
Sean McGuffie
John Wheeler