Casting simulation technology

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Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012

Having with STAR-CAST1.10 already a powerful casting simulation software out on the market we will show you where the road leads. The  new STAR-CAST+ will  integrate the full casting capabilities like high pressure die casting,  gravity die casting and investment casting to name a few into STAR-CCM+, making use of its ease of use,  pipe line process, transient post processing -  all in one piece of software.

With 7.04. we will release the first version of STAR-CAST + which will allow you to simulate  different casting types  like High/Low Pressure Die Casting,  gravity die casting, investment casting, Bridgeman casting - including filling, solidification and shrinkage.  Several models, developed especially for casting purposes are the mushy and slurry zone and the flow stop model to cater for all regimes of solidification, ranging from fully liquid over partly solidified up to completely solidified material. The solidification path is now available as a function of temperature and pressure.  The user will have the full comfort of the Star –Cast Mat Material database allowing for quick selection and comparison of relevant materials.

For the future we have exciting new features in store: a new shelling tool, making use of our streamlined process pipeline, of course fully parallel.  As casting simulations are very much process driven, we strive to provide you an automated, process orientated way to setup and run your casting simulations.

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Julian Gänz