Augmented Reality - Hobnob with Your Simulation Models

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Over the past decades, the gaming industry has definitely been the trendsetter when it comes to animations and virtual reality. From the first games brought to market, and with every new game and new release, it has provided more detailed and increasingly quasi-realistic scenarios and virtual environments to the gamers community.

Global connectivity and high-end mobile devices cause new innovations and flood the market with commonly shared apps. What was thought to be just for communication and entertainment use today already drives marketing and promotion of all kinds of products as well. And like the Wii, which was adapted to be used for navigation through 3D VR models in the CAVE or in front of a power wall, today iPhones and iPads are used to interact and communicate with your 3D CAE models and simulation results. It is amazing to see your simulation model pop out of your desk, to add and remove geometry as well as simulation results and animations.

Author Name: 
Erwin Schnell