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CD-adapco is pleased to announce Donald Riedeberger of University of Stuttgart as the winner of the 2013 CAE Post Processing Contest for his image a dolphin. Riedeberger submitted the image which shows off laminar-turbulent transition on a common dolphin at 1 m/s and 1 % turbulence intensity.

For the seventh year running, the competition has given users of CD-adapco software the chance to showcase their post-processing skills by producing striking images of their work. In winning the competition, and claiming a Samsung Galaxy S III and Nexus 7 as his prize, Riedeberger beat off tough competition from companies such as Volvo, CNH, Behr, Atkins, and Gruner.

CD-adapco's VP of Marketing, David Vaughn said, "Post processing CAE results are no longer just about getting numbers from a simulation, but also about being able to engage and inform colleagues from other disciplines about just how effective an analysis was. The quality of this year’s entries has once again impressed everyone at CD-adapco and has shown just how skillful our users are in effectively deploying simulation across a huge range of different applications. With over 100 entries to choose from, all of an exceedingly high standard, voting proved to be a very close race and is a reflection of both the high levels of skill shown by our users and of the versatility of STAR-CCM+.”

The best twelve images are showcased in the 2013 CD-adapco Desktop Calendar. Register for your free calendar, as only a limited number are available.