CD-adapco’s New SPEED v10.06 Release Enables Automated and Intelligent Design Exploration of Electric Machines
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SPEED v10.06 provides a library to seamlessly link SPEED and HEEDS MDO for electric machine design

New York and London. December 1, 2015

CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, today announced the release of SPEED™ v10.06, the latest update to its leading electric machine design solution. SPEED v10.06 takes a significant step towards intelligent and automated electric machine design, resulting in increased machine efficiency at a lower cost.

SPEED v10.06 forwards CD-adapco’s mission to help customers discover better designs, faster, by making it easier for SPEED users to leverage HEEDS® MDO, a best-in-class process automation and optimization tool developed by Red Cedar Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CD-adapco. SPEED v10.06 provides users with a library that links SPEED and HEEDS MDO for seamless electric machine design.

In order to meet the demand for more efficient and more affordable electric machines, engineers and designers are increasingly deploying multidisciplinary design exploration, covering a wide range of machine geometries and operating conditions. With SPEED v10.06, engineers will be able to take their designs to the next level, helping them innovate as well as reduce costs and increase lifetime and reliability.

“This release marks a first step towards fully automated multidisciplinary design exploration for electric machines,” said Markus Anders, Electric Machine Sector Manager, CD-adapco. “By providing a closer link between SPEED and HEEDS MDO, we enable our customers to take full advantage of both the efficient design space exploration strategies available in HEEDS MDO and the cutting-edge electric machine analysis technologies they are already using in SPEED.”

In addition to enhanced capabilities for electric machine design with HEEDS MDO, SPEED v10.06 offers a number of refinements and bug fixes of existing algorithms as a result of SPEED customer suggestions, for example:

  • New windage and friction and stray load loss calculations have been implemented to allow users to directly create those losses in accordance with the given standard.

  • A new, more user-friendly node distribution dialog has been added to the GDF editor. This dialog box can be used to create new node distributions based on the actual geometry with simple user choices and fewer manual interactions to increase the mesh density where needed.

CD-adapco is committed to the continued development of new and existing capabilities and workflows for intelligent and automated design to provide a complete electric machine solution.

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