CD-adapco Announces Winner of 2016 Calendar Competition
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New York and London. November 12, 2015

CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, is proud to announce that Wian van der Merwe of the CFD Consultation agency, Aerotherm, is the winner of the 2016 CAE Post-Processing Contest for his expert use of simulation in the design of a cyclist.

Using CD-adapco’s flagship simulation tool, STAR-CCM+®, to create the winning image, van der Merwe depicted the flow around a cyclist’s head, focusing primarily on the cyclist’s helmet and glasses. In the image, the cyclist is moving at 34 km/h with a wind direction of 10 degrees from the front. Surfaces show cell relative velocities, streamlines show velocity, and volume renderings show turbulent kinetic energy.

The visually stunning image swayed the expert panel of judges, earning van der Merwe the prestigious honor of being the creator of the winning image of the 2016 CD-adapco Calendar Contest as well as the top prize of an Apple Watch.

“I’m obviously very excited,” van der Merwe said. “It’s good to know that my work is being recognized and is to a high standard. As a CFD engineer, you can only focus on your own work and not know exactly if what you are doing is correct, or if it is really good. But if you get your work out there like in the CD-adapco Calendar Contest, it’s just nice to know that your work is to a good standard.”

Van der Merwe, 26, is a native of Lichtenburg, South Africa. He is in his second year as a CFD analyst at Aerotherm after earning a Master’s of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering at North-West University in South Africa, where he also earned a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

The top 12 images submitted are showcased in the 2016 CD-adapco Desktop Calendar.

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