Engineering Technical Support

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We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our technical support. Every STAR-CCM+ customer has access to a Dedicated Support Engineer, who is specifically tasked with understanding your application, and anticipating solutions to your problems, before they even happen. The best way to interact with your DSE is through the Steve portal.

Want to ensure that your support case gets to your DSE at 4am? Steve can help you! Not only will the Steve portal guide you through the process of opening a support case, but will suggest possible solutions based on the details of your case, and will help you to track the progress of the case through to resolution. The Steve portal will also allow you to rate the final solution, and if you think the solution is so brilliant that it is worth sharing with the wider user community, Steve will suggest you submit it as a ‘Knowledge Base’ article


Got a problem that you need to solve at 3am? Tell Steve about it! Unlike your DSE, Steve is awake 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to provide you with nuggets of knowledge and information that may help you solve your engineering issues. The Steve portal features a new chat capability that aims to provide you with round the clock access to world class engineering support.

Need some documentation backup or need to download the latest training materials? Steve can help you find it! Through the Steve portal, you have access to a searchable library of documentation and training materials, as well as Best Practices videos and a user compiled "Knowledge Base."

Now that you have a great idea for how to make the software even better, use Steve to help you submit, manage and vote on software enhancements using IdeaStorm! And if you have some cool macros to share with the community, then log in to Macro Hut through the Steve portal. Steve just loves JAVA.

Steve also includes the establishment of a brand new set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) created from the rich database of knowledge built up from assisting engineering companies all around the globe in using our flagship products over many years. This database also includes multimedia files that provide users with short step-by-step guides to many of the features of our software.

For support and product downloads, please visit the Steve portal:

You can obtain a username and password for the Steve portal from your support engineer.

For details on upcoming training courses, please see
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