STAR-CCM+ Hypersonic Validation of a 70° Sweep Slab

One of the difficulties in performing hypersonic aerodynamic performance prediction is determining accurate lift and drag profiles.

This presentation illustrates the comparison of wind tunnel data for a 70° sweep slab delta wing to STAR-CCM+ predictions at various hypersonic Mach numbers. These comparisons include pressure distribution on the surface, heat transfer coefficients and forces / moments on the model. The Mach numbers investigated are Mach 6.8, 9.6 and 18.4 at angles of attack from -2°- 45°.

M. H. Bertram, P. E. Everhart ‘An experimental study of the pressure and heat-transfer distribution on a 70° sweep slab delta wing in hypersonic flow’, NASA Technical Report R-153, Langley Research Center, 1963.

Nathan Richardson
Speaker Company: 
Lockheed Martin