Macro Scale Casting Simulation using STAR-Cast

The increasing demand from consumers for newer, cheaper and more efficient products is increasingly influencing the way products are designed and produced. Virtual manufacturing processes are recognized to be part of the solution to deliver better products. This goes also for casted goods. To accommodate the ever changing demands for a casting the simulation methods have to evolve as well. This means expanding the simulation scope both in terms of the complexity of the replicated boundary conditions and processes as well as the detail in which physical modelling is done. An overall understanding of the solidification pattern, possible defect distribution must be understood in order to design the casting process efficiently. This also includes that its micro structure is in the specified range, so that  structural requirements can be met.

This presentation gives an overview over the complexity of the casting system that can be simulated  using STAR-Cast on the example  of the counter pressure casting process. This process allows for a very controlled filling process for complex parts with very high quality and yield. The process characteristics from die cycle analysis to mold filling are highlighted and demonstrated on a hands-on example. It is shown how the solidification results are turned over to the micro structure analysis code  MICRESS for a detailed micro structure analysis.

Julian Gänz
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