Design Optimization of Defrost Grills to Reduce Condensation

A major source of concern for the car manufacturers is visibility. The condensation of water vapor over the windshield and the side windows will have effect on the safety of driver and passengers in the car. This water film is formed due to condensing water vapor near the windshield/windows due to low outside temperature. As a solution to overcome this issue, a good defrost system is achieved by design optimization of the defrost grills. Parameterization of the design is done by using DEP MeshWorks, which is integrated with I-sight for optimization study. The final designs are generated by MeshWorks and CFD simulation was performed using STAR-CCM+®.

The main scope of this simulation was to remove time consuming manual iterations from the design process by achieving an optimized defrost system. Using MeshWorks for morphing helps us decrease the time for product life cycle, thus avoiding the changes in CAD level since we are morphing in mesh level itself. Design optimization and generating of different designs is linked up with I-sight, which helps to remove the time consuming manual iterations from the design process.

Avaneesh Peddu
Speaker Company: 
Detroit Engineered Products, Inc