Virtual Powertrain Design: Simulating Engine Operation
Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly turning to computer aided simulation to help improve engine performance. They are finding that simulation-based design offers the greatest potential for cost savings, as the engine can be first broken down into different key components which influence performance. These key components vary from the intake port flow, in cylinder combustion process, to coolant flow, piston cooling, and even the oil flow patterns in the engine.

There are certain test criteria that have been contingent on using only physical testing in the product development process. Some of these test systems are fairly complicated, usually with varied time scales. The recent advancements in CFD methodology and computer hardware are making full 3D system simulation a reality, which is breaking down the barriers to virtual testing.

This webcast covers virtual powertrain testing in place of physical testing. Presenters will also discuss how advancements in multi physics and heat transfer models have made this approach possible today.

Speakers discuss a method of separating these system simulations into several sub-systems, allowing the subsystems to interact with each other, and exchange data to simulate some of the more complex physical tests.

Guest Speaker:

Jeff Schlautman, GM Powertrain

Frederick Ross
Jeff Schlautman
Neal Parsons
Speaker Company: 
General Motors (GM)