Using Engineering Software to Teach Heat Transfer
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Accurate and efficient prediction of heat transfer is a key requirement across a vast spectrum of industries. Traditional teaching of heat transfer relies heavily on a student's ability to calculate certain math operations along with comprehending these consequences in physical terms. Are there better ways to present heat transfer concepts to engineering students?

In this webcast Professor Milovan Peric, co-author of Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics, will demonstrate how engineering software can be integrated with traditional curriculum to improve the understanding of conduction, radiation, convection and CHT. Real-world course material includes heat transfer examples for both solid and fluid flows. Combining functional analysis while exploiting the power of numerical analysis, Professor Peric shows  teachers how to improve student retention of heat transfer theories.

Guest Presenter:

Professor Milovan Peric

Milovan Peric
Todd Wedge
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