Technology Update on Battery Design
Thursday, October 11, 2012

As the electrification of transport increases so does the need for ever more refined simulation techniques to predict component and system performance. This electrification trend has been growing over recent years with vehicles now available including hybrid, plug-in Hybrid and fully electric vehicles from a variety of manufacturers.

Since CD-adapco and Battery Design LLC first released their flow, thermal and electrochemistry simulation tools 2 years ago, there has been significant product development driven by customer feedback and a desire to continue to lead this emerging field. 

This online webcast highlights the latest features within CD-adapco’s tool set and provide examples of their use, equipping the viewer with an understanding of the coverage of this comprehensive battery modeling solution.

Developments at different length scales will be presented including:

  • Microscopic porous electrode analysis
  • Cell level models for both prismatic and cylindrical forms
  • Module & Pack analysis
Steve Hartridge
Robert Spotnitz
Gaetan Damblanc
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