State of the Art CFD for Military Ground Vehicles
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Engineering simulation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has grown rapidly in recent years due to significant advances in geometry preparation, meshing, physics modeling and numerics. With demanding schedules, shrinking resources and a competitive market, engineers and scientists need to obtain accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This webcast offers and demonstrates capabilities for solving modern design and analysis challenges relevant to military ground vehicles using engineering simulation.

CFD Specialists highlight the efficiencies of using an all-inclusive pre-processor, solver and post-processor designed for industrial an application like STAR-CCM+. Attendees learn how to achieve unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and productivity through a combination of CAD-to-mesh designed for complex geometries, state-of-the-art physics models and numerical schemes.

Topics covered include:

  • Vehicle Aerodynamics (Design, Aeroacoustics, Water/Dirt Management)
  • Auxiliary/Secondary Flows (Air Intakes, Exhaust, etc.)
  • Vehicle Thermal Management (Engine/Transmission Cooling, Underhood Component Temperature Prediction, Electronics Cooling)
  • Cabin Simulations (HVAC, De-ice/Defog, Human-Effects)
  • Batteries and Electric Machines
  • Manufacturing Simulations
Deryl Snyder
Fred Ross
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