Simulation Workflow Capabilities, One-Step Closer to the Virtual Clinical Trial Environment
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Join us for a complimentary webcast that addresses the benefits of engineering simulation for medical devices.

Biomedical device design is facing increasing product complexity, while prototype building and testing can take months, especially when clinical trials are concerned. The inherent risk in new medical product development can be mitigated through a deeper understanding of the design properties and functions achieved through modeling and simulation.

Modeling and simulation using patient specific data from MRI or CT scans is the first step towards moving clinical trials into the virtual environment. For the efficient use of advanced modeling tools like CFD, FEA and FSI, it is essential to create a smooth, fast and streamlined workflow.

In this webcast presenters use STAR-CCM+ to demonstrate how easily imported patient data can be prepared for CFD and FSI simulations.

Java scripting to couple extended features like lumped parameter models (Windkessel) are demonstrated. Additionally presenters show the ease of setting up improved and guided workflows using an automated Simulation Assistant Manager. Parameter studies for DOEs and for the optimization of device designs are also addressed.

Kristian Debus
Jeff Bodner (Medtronic)
Trevor Orr
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