Simulation for Subsea Engineering and Flow Assurance
Thursday, May 9, 2013

Subsea engineering raises many challenges, especially those issues relating to system integrity and flow assurance. The role of engineering simulation is becoming more important during both field development and operation. This has created increased requirements for detailed analysis, combining complex systems and physics such as multiphase flow, solids management and flow-induced motions.

Ongoing development in software technology and reduced hardware costs means 3D simulation of a wide range of subsea and flow assurance applications is increasingly feasible and adding significant value.

This educational webcast covers the impact of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation and provides application examples of where CFD is being used today for subsea engineering and flow assurance. Case studies provide background information regarding validation and guidance on modeling approaches.

Applications covered in the seminar include:

  • Hydrate prevention throughDevelopment of hydrate formation simulation
    • Inhibitor injection
    • Thermal management & insulation
  • Erosion prediction & solids management
  • Corrosion simulation
  • Flow induced vibration & vortex-induced vibration
  • Multiphase flow & slugging
  • Well containment
  • Co-simulation using STAR-CCM+ with OLGA

This webcast is aimed at anyone involved or interested in the subsea industry, whether they are focused on engineering design, already using engineering simulation or managing projects and engineers.

STAR-CCM+ is used to provide a short introductory demonstration of the commercial CFD tool.

Matt Straw
James Ruiz
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