Simulation for safe and reliable oil and gas operations and maintenance
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ensuring safety during production and maintenance is critical to the oil and gas industry, while operational reliability and production assurance are key to operating a successful oil and gas production facility. This event will explore the role of simulation in two aspects of oil and gas, maintenance and production operations. We will have two presentations:

Simulation Engineering: A Virtual Blow-Out Preventer

Alistair Gill, Vice President (Advanced Engineering) Wild Well Control, will present how his team usessimulation of pipe freezing to assess how to perform safe mechanical repairs to production equipment. This type of simulation is used to predict freeze characteristics and structural response in support of Wild Well’s Special Services teams, who use cryogenic freezing to generate a temporary pressure barrier while carrying out repairs or other maintenance work on pressurized oil field equipment, such as trees. Alistair will present how the simulations compare to physical tests.

Thermal Cooldown of a Subsea Tree

A demonstration will be given of how engineering simulation can be used in the design of an insulation system to optimize thermal performance and manage hydrate risk in a subsea tree during a shutdown in production. Simulation can be used to lead the insulation design process as part of the flow assurance strategy of a subsea production system. This demonstration will take you through the steps needed from importing the digital CAD model of the tree and insulation to how thermal analysis, both during production and in the event of a shutdown, can be performed to ensure the operational performance of subsea production equipment.

Alex Read
Alistair Gill
Vincent Lister
Speaker Company: 
Siemens PLM Software
Wild Well Control Inc