Simulating Water Pumps and Hydro Turbines for Energy and Power
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Companies involved with energy-production and power-generation appreciate that their machinery must be efficient, reliable, and durable. To achieve these goals and help ensure ever-higher levels of performance with turbomachinery, engineers continue to rely on and benefit from advances in engineering simulation software.

In this webcast, you will see and hear about real application stories from Dr. Edward (Ed) Bennett pertaining to the design and analysis of water pumps and hydro turbines such as Francis, Kaplan, and Pelton turbines. Based on his work as VP of Fluids Engineering at Mechanical Solutions, Inc., Ed shares details and insights for how his team’s simulations with STAR-CCM+® have helped them improve the robust design and performance of these turbomachines involving incompressible flows.

Within this webcast you will take away ideas for how to leverage STAR-CCM+ to:

  • Easily mesh the various complex geometries comprising the complete water pump and hydro turbine systems
  • Go beyond just steady-state solutions to fast and higher-fidelity transient solutions
  • Predict pump and turbine performance at design points and off-design points to ensure robustness and long-lasting durability
  • Avoid the damaging effects of cavitation and erosion
Jim Ryan
Edward Bennett
Speaker Company: 
Mechanical Solutions Inc (MSI)