Simulating Motion with Ease Using Overset Mesh
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Many real engineering applications which have not traditionally benefited from simulation in the past involve complex relative, interlocking motions that cannot be modeled by the simple rotational or translational models that are common in simulation software. This presents a headache to remeshing and morphing techniques.

Overset mesh represents a paradigm shift in motion modeling that allows motion, however complex, to be easily simulated, be that a full production line, the motion of the arm of an excavator removing rock and soil, the spray painting of a car, or a lifeboat launch together with all of the associated physics those simulations entail.

This webcast provides an introduction to overset mesh and related methods such as DFBI. It will provide you with an insight into modeling complex motion in STAR-CCM+®. The background and applicability, the methods, as well as some practical examples that illustrate what can be achieved. 


David Mann, Product Manager, STAR-CCM+.

David Mann
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