Simulating Gas Turbine Engines – Part 2: Rotating Systems
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In order to continually increase the performance and efficiency of their gas turbine (GT) engines, companies are seeking to operate their GT rotating systems at ever higher pressures and temperatures. 

This webcast explores using numerical simulation to enable more predictive engineering of gas turbine engine rotating systems (i.e., turbines or compressors), especially to: 

  • Increase GT performance and efficiency 
  • Maximize GT reliability and up-time 
  • Find better designs faster 

The webcast features Dipl.-Ing. Rene Braun of B&B-AGEMA as a guest presenter. He discusses how B&B-AGEMA uses simulation in the design of gas turbine engines to produce more efficient and reliable machines.

About B&B-AGEMA:

B&B-AGEMA in Aachen, Germany, was established as a competence center for power plant and turbomachinery technology. As experts in the design, development and testing of gas turbine engines, engineers there are working at the leading edge in their application of numerical simulation. 

Their goal is to work on innovative design strategies that will be included in GT engines ~5 years from now. In this presentation, they will share some of their turbomachinery R&D work, including examples of how they have validated CHT in STAR-CCM+® and used it to improve the cooling techniques of several gas turbines.

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Chad Custer
Rene Braun
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