Simulating Flow Induced Noise and Vibration for Accurate Modeling
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Noise and vibration performance is becoming increasingly important in the design of many products.

The noise generated by rotating machines (such as fans, propellers, turbochargers and electric motors), exterior flows (over automobiles, aircraft and launch vehicles) and the transmission of flow-induced noise and vibration through ducts (such as refrigerant lines, mufflers, pipelines, ECS and HVAC systems) can be a nuisance for engineers and customers alike. 

This online event will investigate why it is no longer sufficient to design a product that meets flow and thermal targets without also considering the impact on noise and vibration performance.

Presenters will cover how recent advances in hardware performance, combined with newly developed methods in simulation software and Vibro-Acoustic and Aero-Vibro-Acoustic technology like wave, present new opportunities. Attendees will learn how they can more accurately model flow induced noise and vibration across a broad frequency range. 

This exclusive online event provides an overview of recently implemented methods and discusses various applications.

Frederick Ross & Phil Shorter
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