Reaction Engineering with Advanced Simulation
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reactors are integral in the chemical, fermentation and polymer industries as they execute the chemical conversion of raw materials into value-added product. The highly coupled physical and chemical processes (fluid flow, reaction chemistry, heat transfer, material property change) undergoing inside makes them necessarily complex.

Design and scale-up of reactors requires a careful and planned approach. Often, empirical approaches need supplementary information with 3D-resolved simulations using CFD to sufficiently understand behavior to arrive at an optimum design.

As an example, the complexity of biopharma operations is increasing dramatically and 3D mixing effects are essential to successfully scale up the processes.

The reactions themselves can be carried, ranging from liquid-liquid, where micro/meso mixing can be important to biological and enzymatic reactions. Polymerization reactions have additional complexities due to chain propagation. Simulation provides a flexible platform for the CFD modeling reactors.

This webcast demonstrates to users how CFD modeling can help improve and expedite the engineering process.

You should view this webcast if you are a:

  • Process Engineer, Process Design Engineer
  • Engineering Manager/Project Manager
  • Simulation/Modeling Engineer

Presenters cover the following for this webcast:

  • Reaction models: liquid-liquid reactions, polymerization framework, process models in Naphtha crackers
  • A demonstration of setting up custom reaction models
  • Examples of reaction modeling
Ravindra Aglave
Thomas Eppinger
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