Online Technical Briefing: Custom Apps to Increase your Simulation Throughput by 10x
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Experience has shown that engineering organizations capturing best practices in an automated process have significantly reduced errors, eliminated analyst-to-analyst variation, and established consistency for optimization and other design studies. In addition, significant reduction in turnaround time has been realized, as much as 4 to 10x.

This webcast demonstrates how custom apps can be set up into a fully automated platform. Once established, processes can be globally deployed across distributed work groups. During the demonstration simulation experts will show a successful custom application that is being used today by leading OEMs like GM, Ford and Hyundai. This Powertrain specific app of a “Intake Port Flow Virtual Test Rig” automates the numerical assessment of intake port design. Throughout the demonstration attendees get a clear understanding of the ease and benefits of developing, implementing and deploying custom apps within a simulation workflow.

Thomas Walker
Eugene Kung
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