Meeting Future Emission Standards with Advanced Engine Simulation
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The need for reductions on emissions has never been greater; it is an essential priority to decrease rising air pollution. In addition to emission reduction, legislation is placing the emphasis on engine manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption. Reducing emissions and fuel consumption are often conflicting requirements, so engineers need to work at finding an optimal design. This webcast provides clear and comprehensive strategies for using simulation, improving engine design and therefore lowering overall emissions and fuel consumption.

Presenters demonstrate setting up complete processes for simulating total engine systems. Showing how these full system simulations reduce testing costs and shorten the time it takes to produce early design prototypes.

This webcast covers:

  • EGR Cooling
  • Coolant Jacket Optimization
  • Exhaust System/Turbo Chargers
  • System Analysis
Frederick Ross
Dan Cooper
Michael Elmore
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