Introducing the Finite Element Viscous Flow Solver
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Many common industrial and pharmaceutical fluids such as paints, adhesives, foodstuffs and blood are viscoelastic in nature. A viscoelastic fluid behaves both as a solid (elastic) and a fluid (viscous). The recent release of the finite element (FE) based viscous flow solver allows the simulation of highly viscous flows such as those found in extrusion as well as viscoelastic effects present in die swell.

This webcast will introduce this important capability. Choice of a suitable rheology model depends on the behavior of the fluid. The available rheology models will be reviewed. Examples and validations for viscous/viscoelastic fluids are presented.

A technical specialist will also demonstrate the workflow and model choices available for a series of industry problems. 

Ravindra Aglave
Matthew Godo
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