Introducing CFD Fundamentals and Commercial Software to Undergrad Fluid Mechanics: An out of the Box Approach for Professors
Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fluid mechanics is a basic course in most engineering colleges yet the use of commercial CFD tools for an undergraduate curriculum is not widely accepted. Due to the changing requirements of the job market over the last few years, there has been an emphasis to introduce the fundamental concepts of CFD in undergraduate fluid mechanics courses along with the use of commercial CFD software. Most engineering graduates will be expected to know how to use a commercial CFD tool in their professional engineering careers.

This webcast explores the fundamentals of CFD in undergraduate fluid mechanics courses and the use of STAR-CCM+® as a tool to learn fluid mechanics. Participants hear from their peers on how they have successfully implemented CFD and commercial software into their undergraduate curriculum.

Attendees also receive information on how to obtain an Academic Teaching Package, CD-adapco™ teaching modules and customer developed course material.

Join us to learn more about preparing your students for a successful career in industry, while educating them in one of the most advanced engineering simulation software packages available.


The reason we picked STAR-CCM+ was primarily its ease-of-use. We can get students spun up fairly quickly and the interface is very convenient, being it is all-in-one package. All sorts of help is available as well. We make great use of the free training that is now offered online – very convenient!

Wayne Neu
Associate Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Virginia Tech

Tammy de Boer
John Iselin
Gustavo Gutierrez
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