Improving Thrust Reverser Performance through Design Exploration
Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aerospace companies have traditionally relied on engineering intuition and low fidelity simulation to evaluate potential design candidates early within the product development cycle. The availability of low-cost HPC resources and modern simulation methods are allowing organizations to leverage high-fidelity parametric design studies to help engineers quickly identify promising design candidates in advance of more rigorous analysis.  

Viewers learn how to evaluate a design space though the use of parametric CFD and design space exploration. The presentation consists of three parts: an overview of the design challenge, setting up of the design space, and an evaluation of the parametric results.

Armed with this methodology, attendees are equipped to leverage parametric studies to reduce overall design cycle times.


  • Durrell Rittenberg
  • Aaron Godfrey
Durrell Rittenberg
Aaron Godfrey
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