Improving Gas Turbine Combustor Performance through Full-Fidelity CFD Simulations
Thursday, February 25, 2016

According to projections by the International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013), world energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040, and fossil fuels will continue to supply almost 80% of world energy use through 2040. These projections also suggest that natural gas will be the “fastest-growing fossil fuel.”

It is abundantly clear from the International Energy Outlook that gas turbines are likely to remain a dominant source of energy and power generation from natural gas. Not surprisingly, gas turbine (GT) engineering teams are leveraging simulation more than ever before to keep up with market demands for increased energy efficiency and reliability, and to meet governmental demands for reduced emissions.

In this webinar, combustion specialists and developers will show how simulation software can be used to discover better GT Combustor designs faster by:

  • Reducing dependence on slow and expensive physical testing of GT combustors
  • Maximizing fuel efficiency through accurate, time-efficient prediction of temperatures and species (such as NOx and CO)
  • Accurately predicting emissions through finite-rate chemistry included with the CFD simulations
  • Ensuring a stable flame and thus reliable GT operation (i.e., by avoiding lift-off, blow-out, and flash-back)
  • Including complex unsteady, turbulent flow phenomena through Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and Turbulent-Chemistry Interaction (TCI)
  • Ensuring effective cooling of the combustor liner, and avoiding hot spots and thermal stresses, through conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis
  • Using full-fidelity CAD geometry and polyhedral meshes to increase the accuracy of CFD predictions, by removing the need for simplifying assumptions and approximations
  • Using temperature and pressure data to predict acoustic modes, transfer functions, and forced responses (to avoid thermo-acoustic instabilities and diagnose/guide combustor chamber design changes)
Rajesh Rawat
Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
Graham Goldin
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