Get the most from CFD Simulation
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This online technical briefing demonstrates the power of simulation in the engineering process along with areas where automation can improve workflow efficiency. By increasing productivity during rapid design and analysis, the historical lag in prototyping/testing can be minimized. Companies in every industry have benefited from simulation – both by limiting costly prototypes/tests while increasing the ability to innovate.

During the presentation, engineers take attendees through the complete process, from importing geometry and setting up the simulation model to post processing. Using STAR-CCM+, they’ll demonstrate the approach for running multiple design studies with complex, real-world geometry. Attendees benefit from practical, hands-on examples and learn methods for reducing model clean up time that facilitate getting to engineering analysis quickly.

The general-purposes techniques apply across a complete range of industry sectors and applications, from thermal management of electronic systems to vehicle under hood simulations to gas turbine analysis.

Nick Appleyard
Matt Janeway
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