Geometry: It's Just Not a Square Box Anymore
Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do you spend hours or days preparing large and complex 3D CAD models for FEA/CFD/CAE simulation? Do you have problems with double or intersecting surfaces, closing holes, defeaturing or obtaining the surface? This webcast highlights the benefits of using a 3D CAD modeler and how applications of this nature are bridging the gap between CAD and CAE. In addition, viewers learn how the full scriptability of the 3D CAD tool can be used to automatically perform a full design study.

Live demonstrations use STAR CCM+ 3D CAD modeler to first highlight how to construct the geometry for effective calculation, and constrain and parameterize the model to get a first glimpse of the power design parameters. Further detail covers the import of a solid model and how to extract the interior fluid domain and a design within the 3D CAD tool.

Mubeen Irshad
Prashanth Shankara
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