Full Vehicle Thermal Management at Mercedes-Benz: An Example of Simulating Systems
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daimler and CD-adapco™ have been working at achieving full integration of a simulation management system into a PLM environment that eases the challenge for CAE experts to run simulations. By designing the digital prototype, this allows engineers to simulate the vehicle in real world test conditions. The model is used to predict thermal temperature of components and cabin comfort during drive cycles via Virtual Vehicle Testing.

This webcast provides an introduction to simulating systems and related methods. Attendees learn the immense benefits that can be achieved through simulating the whole system.


Guest Speaker - About:

Walter Bauer
Manager, Vehicle Thermal Management (VTM), Daimler AG

Walter Bauer has 32 years of experience in CFD and heat transfer simulation within the automotive industries. He has managed the Digital Prototype Process of a carline along the development course. He is dedicated to improving the VTM simulation process at Mercedes Benz Car Group, through the application of CAE tools for product development. His current work focus is on automating the meshing process for full vehicle VTM and the integration of this process within an EDM environment.

Frederick J. Ross
Walter Bauer
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