Efficient Modeling of Complex Heat Sinks Series 2 Part 1
Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heat sinks are the most common heat exchange devices in electronics systems whether the system as a whole utilizes a forced—or natural—convective cooling approach. The effectiveness of the heat sink greatly depends on the material used and the geometry that can be manufactured. In the past decade, manufacturing technology advances have permitted far more complex heat sinks to be cost-effectively made in high volumes. While the increased geometric complexity provides great benefits for the overall thermal system design, the new geometries provide additional challenges to anyone performing thermal simulations.

This webcast details methods to leverage the powerful geometric, mesh generation and computational capabilities of STAR-CCM+ to efficiently simulate even the most complex heat sinks. Heat sink characterization and the implementation of that characterization in the context of an entire electronics assembly is discussed. This will permit the thermal analyst to efficiently compute flow and thermal results even with highly-detailed assemblies.

Ruben Bons
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