Discover the secret of covering multiple regimes in a single simulation
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Traditional multiphase flow models such as the Volume of Fluid method (VOF) and Eulerian Multiphase (EMP) embed assumptions about the nature of the flow being modeled, limiting their applicability to a single regime (type of interaction).

Real-world applications often contain more than one regime, spray or foam forming next to a free surface, or a component being coated with a film when being taken out of a bath of liquid. These applications traditionally had to be modeled with multiphase models incapable of capturing many important features, making for some difficult choices and questionable results.

This On-Demand Webinar will show how, with the advancements being made in hybrid multiphase modeling, these compromises are becoming a thing of the past. Recent developments in technology allow several multiphase models to work together and extend the applicability of some of the traditional models so that they can cover multiple regimes in a single simulation.

In this event, simulation experts will showcase a number of new hybrid multiphase modeling capabilities with practical examples across a range of applications.

David Mann
Speaker Company: 
Siemens PLM Software