Dirty or Not, Taking CAD Directly to CFD Simulation…The Easy Way!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dealing with the consequences of imperfect CAD has long been the biggest bottleneck in CFD. This key fact was, until recently, the single largest obstacle in getting flow-simulation to have a real positive impact on product development.

For a typical case, producing a meshing quality triangulated surface, along with the required high quality computational meshes from complex or dirty CAD, could take days or even weeks. Ultimately, up to 50% of the engineering budget can be consumed. It is not just automated surface clean-up; this on-demand webinar recording demonstrates the latest surface wrapping and advanced meshing technologies that eliminate manual repair from the CFD process altogether, guaranteeing a faster route from CAD to flow simulation and freeing CFD engineers to concentrate on engineering analysis.

A live demonstration elaborates on techniques for meshing complex geometry that comes from dirty CAD. Attendees learn tips for using local control of a surface wrapper for feature detection or defeaturing. 3D CAD capabilities will also be explored for augmenting imported CAD geometry.

Demetris Clerides
Peter Ewing
Speaker Company: 
STAR-CCM+®TechnologiesAdvanced Meshing